Gemeinsam in verschiedensten Ländern

Gemeinsam arbeiten wir mit Partnern, Gemeinden und Regionen aus den verschiedensten Ländern. So sind wir auf EU-Ebene mittels grenzüberschreitender Kooperationen beim Aufbau und der Durchführung von Modell- bzw. Pilotprojekten behilflich. Hier finden internationale Partner Informationen, Förderanträge sowie Nachberichte zu Projekten.


We work together with municipalities and regions involving partners from many

different countries, here they can find proposals for their projects.


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About us

The Salzburg Community Development

Salzburg Community Development (Gemeindeentwicklung Salzburg) is a centre of expertise dedicated to maintaining and improving quality of life in the cities, municipalities and regions of Salzburg Province. We bring citizens, politicians and experts into interaction, we confer and consult together about where future potential lies, about what is best for Salzburg, for a particular municipality. Of crucial importance for the success of our work is collaboration with committed citizens on the ground. Community development activities and projects are only successful if they have the support of the population and the latter are fully involved in the decision-making. We see our role as providing the best-possible advice, support and back-up to municipalities, regional organisations and district associations as they move forward.


How to become part of the community development programme

Five steps to successful community development

1. The Way Forward (aims and key issues for the next three years)

2. Approval of the Way Forward by municipality representatives

3. Formation of working groups to develop social, arts, tourism or commercial projects 

4. Implementation by the municipality